Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh, the past three weeks...

 Well, we took off for spring break to North Carolina. We expected to do quite a bit of hiking and even maybe some water rafting. The weather decided for us. We had some amazing cold temperatures and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the snow. I will have to admit, this will be the third consecutive visit (Oct., Oct., and now March and each time has snowed). As we do, we always look for future land for our herd (family and animals). We thought we had found the coolest 26 acres with a house (off the grid...no  power or water company). There were solar panels and a wind mill, but we would have to see if they were operable. The owners apparently vacated back in 2000 and left everything as is...and Fannie Mae thinks she is sitting on a gold mine. I don't know too many people who want to tackle this. However, for George and me....this is a dream. Bonus....this was the kids favorite property. Will wait and see what happens. If it's meant to be....I hope. Beautiful springs and a lot of woods...and it backs up to the Pisgah Natural Forest.

Well, kids attempting to do snow angels. This was a beautiful hike onto Whiteside Mountain.

Home and back into the swing of things. Washing fiber and preparing for various different  projects. I have some fabulous spinning wheels that are looking forward to being set up (are you listening George?). Some fiber will be carded for felting and others for spinning. We have a few requests for yarn. I'm feeling confident with my spinning.

Fiber drying...this row is being prepared to go to Texas to be weaved into rugs!

Monday's are my days to return to the farm. I think I managed to wash about 50 pounds of fiber. I am so looking forward to processing. I did manage to sneak in a stash to card so I can spin. The rest will be processed and sent to Texas to be woven into rugs.

In life, there are things that enrich us in many ways. Whether it be the experience, the knowledge or just a humbling moment. Friday, March 5th, I was taking the girls to dance. George asked me to get to the farm to assist with a birth. Alpaca's tend to birth in the late morning/early afternoon. Razz did the same thing last year. Here we were again, same situation. We needed to assist - one nose, two huffs and the rear one being a door stopper. We adjusted the rear leg and birthed. Small (8 pounds) strong heart beat, but not breathing. George holds him and drains the fluid. This cria tried for 45 minutes to get up, but not enough to milk. We milked Razz for the colustrum, fed the cria. Unfortunately, just before 9pm, we lost our little boy. Honestly, I have never seen a mom affected by a loss. Razz is probably one of my favorites (I'm not allowed that, so keep this amongst ourselves), and to this day, she always holds a special spot. She is doing fine and I caught her napping yesterday under the oaks. If I could have snuck in and laid next to her, I would have been overjoyed. She always welcomes me and so loves to eat the leaves off the broccoli or carrots from our veggie garden. She once stole my banana right outa my hands. She thought she was so mischievious!

 Oh, the girls snuck into the shelter and I did not realize George had opened the door....I left the other open...not good. They ran straight into the vegetable garden....steam was so being expelled from George's ears! Ooops...

Well, we prepare to shear this weekend. My brother Gil joins us from Phoenix (I think this is his 4th year??). I'm not sure what I would do without him. Mostly, because I am not sure how he puts up with me.

Our chicks born January 27th are growing and should be laying eggs starting in a couple of weeks. Slow process, but worth every second. They feed on their feed and all of our vegetable garden scraps!

I will post pictures, but keep checking my blog and website. Our classes expand and change. I am excited to offer a summer girls craft week (one week). I will post more details, but my daughters are really excited and are amazed of the different and fun new projects!!!

Oh, another day awakens tomorrow with many wonderful surprises! I like getting up each morning...some days you know are going to be great and others will just be fine. I do know one thing....my kids rock!!!!!