Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shearing and Updates

Spring has officially arrived, but is feels more like summer. We grew an amazing crop of veggies - zucchini, Kaleidoscope carrot, beans, cucumber, tomato, tomatillo and cilantro. We had some fun heirloom items that took us by surprise - Lemon Cucumber. It looks like a lemon, but it's a cucumber. First time, we managed to grow onions!

Gotta watch those squirrels

 This shot was taken from the studio. Susan and Debra stopped in for some studio time. George dropped off the latest from the garden.

Thanks to everyone who supported our produce venture by purchasing and consuming our bounty!

Just wait to avocado and lime season....

Ready to shear!

George giving Gil and Debby a quick lesson
Sporting New Spring Look
The weekend of April 13th, we were joined by some of our usual volunteers for shearing. Thanks go to my "brother" Gil and our friend Eddie and his daughter Taylor. We had some new recruits - big thanks to Debby, Debra and Susan! Somehow, I stopped taking pictures, so not everyone is included! Sorry!

We had one accident which required some stitching. La Crema healed beautifully thanks to "Dr." George. I am always amazed by George! We both have learned so much about alpacas and life in the past five years. He continuously surprises me with his gentleness and eagerness. So easy to see why I love him!
Nurses Debby and Eddie preparing to stich La Crema

 All in all, we had a great weekend and our harvest was successful. Now, to process all the fiber. And, I might have to recruit my friend Gerri to come help me. She does an amazing job spinning. I love when she visits with me. She is so full of enthusiasm and creativity. This is a hint if you are reading!
This spring our farm and yard has been an amazing place of discovery. We had a bunny birth 3 bunnies. Unfortunately, we discovered these by watering the flowers and the critters. One snuck under the flowers, so I nudged the other two to join. The sun would soon be upon them. I need to go sneak a peak to see if they are still around.

Mamma Duck incubating her eggs.
We were joined by a Mallard family and she laid 12 eggs in our Staghorn fern. Seven ducklings were swimming in the pool this morning. Three eggs still in the nest and one stolen by another animal (carcass located). One is unaccounted for. 

Mamma actually pulled her feathers and made a down cover to place over her eggs while she left for a swim.

Surprisingly, the Black Crowned Night Heron's make more of a mess around the ledge of the pool. However, this will be the fourth year that I am aware they have been coming to nest in our back yard. So, here is to our backyard being a bird sanctuary! I'm hoping the ducklings remain as courteous as their parents.
School is out at the end of this week and I am so looking forward to the unstructured schedule that comes with summer. My volunteering schedule lightens incredibly. Haley has bridged in Girl Scouts to a Junior - wow, soon to have two kids in 7th grade and one in 4th! 

Cheers to all!