Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nuno Felting and Mini Tour of the Farm

On Saturday, March 16th, we had four adventurous gals attend a Nuno Felting class! We hosted this one at the farm as everyone seemed keen on the idea.   We had the fireplace going,  Cran-Rasperry White Chocolate Scones, Florida orange juice and coffee (apparently I make some strong stuff!). We were shortly Nuno felting away and I thought the end product was gorgeous. You gals did amazing. Thank you!

Our annual visitor has apparently arrived. I noticed some nesting material hanging out of the doorway. And some "poop" that was not there. For the past 3 years, we have a beautiful Screech Owl that blesses us with her presence. Only once have I had the opportunity to see any of the babies fly away. I hope to be so lucky this year.

For some of you who have asked, yes these are "kegs". They hold the mash that we collect from one of our local craft beer brewers - Barley Mow on West Bay Drive. It is our (and their) attempt to leave less of a foot print. The chickens absolutely love it - specially the chicks that are almost 2 months old. Only some of the alpacas enjoy it. However, Coco (our chocolate lab) absolutely loves it.No worries - there is no alcohol in it! That is unfortunate!

And here are the crias finally of age to be weened from Mom. We have Semilla, Santana and Victoria hanging just on the other side from their Mom's.  We usually wait until they are 6 months and weigh at least 60 pounds.

And some of the latest from the produce side. The bananas will tease us as they continue to grow. We have to be careful because our alpacas love bananas - leaves mostly! The carrots below are Kaleidoscope. Cool colors as you cut through them. I wonder if I could use them for dyeing some yarn?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our morning on Fox 13's Charley Belcher Show

What an amazing morning! We had the wonderful opportunity of having Charley Belcher from Tampa Bay Fox 13 air his morning show from the farm. Not only was it fun, but he and his crew were so nice!

We played with the animals (and they only threatened to spit once), we sheared and we spun. Best of all, we introduced many people to the fact that we have a thriving agriculture community in the most densely populated county in Florida. Welcome to Pinellas county and I hope that one day too you can come visit.

George and Charley having a serious conversation (not)....

And best of all, watching the crias charge....they pronk (when they appear to jump as someone has startled the living daylights out of them!).

"Tag....Valentino, your it!!!", says What's His Name.

And that was an amazing day! Thank you all for watching, your comments and compliments!

Alicia and George