Thursday, February 28, 2013

What I consider a day off

Don't get me wrong, I love the store and it does afford me to get cleaned up and wear my nice clothes. I also get to socialize with creatures that answer back - sometimes intelligently, others not. But this is what enriches our lives. Our store is closed on Monday, so this is the day I get mundane things done around the farm. Herd management, breeding choices, ordering supplies and feed. Sorting and cleaning fiber. Honestly, sometimes this is the only time George and I get to talk farm without three little mouths interrupting us. As some of you know, we have three kids still at home - Gabriel (12), Zoe (11) and Haley (9). What they want to do at the farm and what we want them to do does not always go hand in hand. Where I was going with the quiet discussion moment, several years ago we got for George's birthday 4 different varieties of banana trees. As we were sat on our deck (which we built together) having lunch, I noticed one of his banana plants is preparing to bloom. Simple things like this entertain me!

This same day, I was sorting fiber and had opened one of the shelter doors to allow for more light. I did not realize my co-workers would find my fiber sorting of interest. Or simply was what was on the other side "greener". 

And for those of you who remember "Valentino", this is him the day after he was born playing around with a twig.

And, below, my partner and best friend, roughing it with "Valentino". This picture was taken February 25 - that would make "Valentino" 11 days old! He is quite strong and does not enjoy the trips to the scale. He plays continuously with "What's His Name" (born Dec. 27, 2012) and is actually giving him a run for his money!

This coming Monday will be a very different day for me on the farm. Charley Belcher with Fox 13 will be airing his morning show from our farm. This should make for an exciting day off!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pool Party

Not the big party some of you have gotten invited to in the past, but mark your calendars. As we are a working farm, we are not open to tours. So, if you have ever wanted the opportunity to get up close and personal with an alpaca (if you dare - they do spit you know!!!) this would be your chance. The farm will be open to visitors Sunday, April 7th from 11am - 3pm. The following weekend they will be sheared and they will look really silly.

Fox 13 News Morning Show

This is a very exciting opportunity for us. We were scheduled to be on the Charley Belcher morning show this coming Tuesday. However, due to the good chance that we will have rain, Charley decided to change the date to Monday, March 4th. He will be televising his entire morning show from the farm. This should be a fun interview - one, it's live and two, he seems pretty witty. So, mark your calendars, tape or watch....this should be fun. Besides, it should give you all some good material to use on me (or George) at a later date!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Cold morning....

Good morning,

I know for some of you this will simply sound like whining, but I have to comment. I guess I better face reality and realize that I must go outside. Normally, I would be grateful as the alpacas sure do enjoy this cold weather. However, Monday's I sort and clean fiber at the farm. So, it is currently 46 degrees outside and I will have my hands in cold water. So off I go......

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentino Day!

Sangria delivered a beautiful cria this morning. Valentino was born at 9:45am weighing just under 16 pounds. He started nursing around 11:15am. 

Oh, my head is so heavy...

 Oh, you know how hard it is to get these legs to work....???

Let's hope Sangria keeps Valentino warm. He has his little cria jacket on. We did have to blow dry him after today's rain. His fleece is gorgeous and already about  1 1/2 inches long.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby Chicks

So, on Sunday, January 27, 2013, we took the three kids to the Saint Pete main post office to collect our baby chicks. It is so cool to see these brown, black and yellow chicks grow into various beautiful colors. They are separated from the older girls, who sit under the chicks run waiting for their vitamin water or feed to drop through. Will post new pics soon! I'm hoping to get away from the studio/store and spend the weekend at the farm.

Too Many Tomatoes?

Fresh Tomatoes from Our Farm

Roma, Florida Ugly, simply yummy ripe one - salsa (pico de gallo), day two - can, day three - can, day four - five...more salsa...

So, for all of you who love our salsa picante....I'm not making it for you, but happy to share my recipe. I believe foods should be full of colors, so dice where you can see the vibrant reds, dark greens and whites. And here goes:

5 large tomatoes
5 green onions, some of the green part included
2 fresh jalapenos
1/2 white onion
1 nice bunch of cilantro
3 garlic large gloves
salt to taste
2 tablespoons vinegar

Small dice all the veggies and mix in one large bowl. Add salt and vinegar. Serve with corn chips or put on top of a yummy cooked steak.


Thursday, February 7, 2013