Thursday, October 10, 2013

Arrival of the Chicks

This has been some week...we finished the weekend with my Zoe eating pecan/walnut encrusted chicken. We were at a party and she happily served herself several pieces and enjoyed them. Several minutes later, she says Mama, did the chicken have nuts? I asked the caterer and he confirms our suspicion. Benadryl did not work so off to the emergency room we go. In route, we had to use the Epi-pen. We hate to, but this now means a visit to the emergency room. We arrive and are immediately checked in and given a room. Because of the quantity consumed, they are concerned because it is now in her system and will be until it comes out the other end. They give her some steroids and hooked up for monitoring. Three hours later, we get to go home. Needless to say, it was very busy at Morton Plant, therefore, sadly, quite entertaining. It was quite the experience for a 12 year old.

I did learn one thing, next time we use Benadryl first to possibly avoid the Epi-pen, is to combine it with Pepcid AC. Unfortunately, due to the amount of tree nuts she consumed, this was not an option. But glad I had her Epi-pens!

 So, here is Monday, and I still have not heard from the Post Office...usually our chicks arrive over the weekend. Not this time. Get the call first thing Tuesday..."I'm on my way!" After awhile, you feel sorry for the Postal workers...the chirping does not stop. Get to the farm, gates closed, strange. Well, I knew something was up, because a friend needed our farm hand to help out, and calls and texts were not being answered. Holly crap...the animals water bowls were empty. Now, I get into "pissed off" mode. George is in North Carolina and I have the store to open. I'm in a dress and sandals. Not quite farm attire and not very lady like. I go into the first paddock and the girls just crowd me - even the one's that usually keep her distance. They were goosing me and one nibbled my glasses off the top of my head. Get them fresh water with Gatorade. Feed them and proceed to all the paddocks. I am covered in mud...but I am still more angry at the lack of responsibility. Coco, our chocolate lab, is now happy. I proceed to tend to the chickens and move some around to accommodate the new arrivals. By the way, there should be 38 in the box, not 27. So another phone call to make. These girls will not lay eggs for at least 4 months. So, I am now calmer then I was...everyone looks fine so now, to find out where my farm hand "Jesus" is. Well, they got a little intoxicated over the weekend and was, well, put in jail. Great kid....but still a kid and needs to mature. So, at least he is not hurt, maybe in jail he might have time to think of consequences. Meanwhile, muddy toes and all, visit one of our neighboring farms to ask one of their farm hands to help until George gets back and we can find someone else. Thank goodness, Tina was able to open the store. I was a mess! We are blessed in the farming community - we don't ask too many questions, we just help. We know one day, we will need help, too. Thank you Urban Acres, LLC.

On a fun note, one of the chicks had snuck out of the little coup before I had all of them in...she ran into one of the hens and both were a little shocked. I guess she thought "you are not my mother!". It was cute and brought a smile to my face!

Just like the temperature gauge on my dashboard this morning! Wow, 64 degrees, and to think that George up the cabin is 20 degrees cooler. Oh, my! I'm so jealous as are the kids.

 But, good news...we have a range and no longer have to use the Coleman camping burner. And when the kids are done playing in the mud and the spring, we have running hot water and a washer and dryer. So, not yet perfect, but what an upgrade. We continue our investment into a battery bank for our solar power. Our house is still holding steady 64 degrees which is what you would expect since we have not turned on the fire place. Once the grout cures, we will heat the house with this amazing design. It brings the cold air from the basement and filters through the channels in the fireplace. It expels it through the top which circulates through the inside of the house and back out through the shell - a house within a house. Pretty cool...if you want to take a look visit (Enertia Homes).

Well, I'm sad to say, I will be missing Monktoberfest in Asheville this weekend. If you are headed that way, it's tomorrow night. Amazing micro beers!

Here's to cooler temps and less air conditioning! Cheers ~ Alicia


  1. Let's see if I can actually post this time (after all my failed previous tries)! Glad Zoe is better! Yikes, that was scary!

  2. Yes, you did it! Thank you; it is a little scary, but when you hear the wheezing and the air pipes starting to close, you just go into auto pilot. Just grateful that I carry it with me!